If there’s one thing you could change in the fashion industry what would it be?

How it fuels the capitalist “manifesto” of everything and everyone being disposable with an expiry date. I miss fashion having a soul, I want to see values, I love when a piece you wear has sentiments. Romance seems dead. I miss craftsmanship in clothes and models being characters who light up the room as they enter it, being more than just a plain canvas as they seem now. I guess I’m talking about character and the persona, sort of like what the models embody in Antonioni’s Blow Up. 


If you could spend a day with any super model in the world, who would it be and why? 

Connie Kreski because she seems completely crazy and drove a 60’s pink Shelby, which she got from Playboy and life doesn’t really get cooler than that. 


What does diversity mean to you?

It means liberation and fluidity. Diversity excites me; through great differences uniting, exchanging experiences and ideas we become greater and stronger beings. No man is an island. Living in symbiosis provides the strongest foundation. 


What’s the craziest thing about you?

I am and the fact that I’m actually, officially, crazy! It makes me incredibly vibrant, whereas other times I’m a black vortex. But battling with my mental illness is something I’ve gotten very good at over the years, through hard work and constant leaning and is something I’m very proud of.