What does diversity mean to you? 

Diversity means consistency. It shouldn't be used as as an ingenuine way of making money and be neglected as soon as the 'trend' passes.


If there’s one thing you could change in the fashion industry what would it be? 

I would want to change the culture of fast fashion. It has a huge impact on our environment and puts immense pressure on workers to sustain the high demand, often leading to poor work conditions and unfair salaries.

What’s the craziest thing about you ? 


I once died. Got resurrected obviously and felt slightly bored at the hospital so borrowed a wheelchair and got my best friend to run off with me so we could go back to a festival. So one could argue my sense of restlessness is the craziest thing about me?

If you could spend a day with any super model in the world, who would it be and why?


Naomi Campbell. An icon. Simply. And also get her to sign my "Naomi hit me and i liked it" t-shirt.

What do you love most about yourself?

I love my hair. I take better care of it than any children i have ever babysitted.