If there’s one thing you could change in the fashion industry what would it be?


To stop defining beauty by looking at the exterior of our presence. Beauty comes within and what you put out there for the world to see. 


Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 


I see myself being a shining light for the next generation on aspiring them to do whatever they want to do, if they put their mind to it, since life is what you make of it. 


What’s the craziest thing about you?


Having a winning mentality because I wasn't born in this world to be mediocre. 


What is your hidden talent? 


Ever since I was a little kid, football was and still is part of my life that I adore to escape from the world. 


If you could spend a day with any super model in the world, who would it be and why?


Adwoa aboah without a shadow of doubt. She's strong willing, knows what she wants in life and determined to break doors down to show the world what she's made of. 


What do you love most about yourself?


Everyday when I wake up, I know that I have a purpose, in order to succeed in

 what I'm good at. 


What does Beauty mean to you?


Beauty can mean a lot of things, but it boils down to how you perceive yourself. To show real beauty, is to be honest, loving and trustworthy. There is no time for hate.