What does diversity mean to you? 


As far as I am concerned, diversity means that each person is unique, in a sense that we all have different ethnicity, facial features, silhouettes, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, experience, knowledge, strengths, religious or political beliefs, moreover we have to accept, respect and tolerate our differences. The heterogeneity makes each one of us special.



If there’s one thing you could change in the fashion industry what would it be?


On the one hand, I would make it more open. Although there is a rise in diversity in the fashion industry, I think it would be good to see brands being more inclusive of all kinds of people and more open to models of all skin tones, sizes, shapes, ages.


On the other hand, I think the fashion industry could be more sustainable because the way we make, discard and wash clothes requires using toxic chemicals and produces climate-changing emissions, it has obviously a huge environmental impact.



What do you love most about yourself?


To be honest, I love my mixed heritage. My mother is from France, my father is from Togo, I had the chance to grow up with two different cultures and being able to identify myself with several cultures is frankly one of the most exciting aspects of being mixed. I’ve learnt how to accept differences among people at a very young age, it really opened my mind.


Regarding my facial features, some people were making fun of me because I’ve always had very big features, however I’ve always accepted them and I truly love them. I look 99% like my dad, I’m very happy with it.


What does Beauty mean to you? 


Beauty is very subjective, we all have different tastes. Nevertheless, to me, beauty comes from within. It is being comfortable in your own skin and I think we should all embrace our own beauty. Being yourself is beautiful! »