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CIEL MODEL MANAGEMENT founded in June 2018 is a London-based modelling agency that breaks through artificial constraints of an old-fashioned institution, providing fair representation to all models irrespective of their race, colour, sexuality, physical ability, religion or gender.

Too much consideration is given to the industry’s conventional standard of beauty, promoting the idea of “The perfect body” i.e. size 0-4, which can result in serious eating disorders. We truly believe everyone should feel included regardless of their sizes.


CIEL is dedicated to supporting healthy models and encouraging the industry to understand that fashion is not the preserve of the ultra-slim and models should reflect the shapes and sizes of the potential customers.

CIEL is committed to forming a one-to-one relationship with our models, treating them like people, not commodities. The model’s welfare and interests are of paramount importance and any client related issues will be addressed and resolved with CIEL’s support.

CIEL provides you with the amazing opportunity to move away from the 20th-century stereotypes and showcase a diverse range of looks that illustrates the increasingly cross-cultural society we live in.

At CIEL, we believe every face has a story to tell - we want to hear those stories and share them with our clients.